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Effective Bamboo Removal, Removing Bamboo

Effective Removal

The most effective method for removing bamboo is to dig out the entire root | rhizome mass as thoroughly as possible, including all fragments and root hairs. To make the job easier, water the area deeply a few days before digging. Start on the outside of the clump or grove and work your way inward. The roots generally do not grow deeper than 6-18 inches and you usually can chop them into chunks and pull them out piece by piece. Needless to say, depending on the size of your problem, this can be very labor-intensive as well as back breaking with blisters on sore hands. If you’re having trouble removing bamboo

It is likely that you will miss a few root fragments here and there, and over the next few seasons you may see an occasional shoot coming up. If you wish, you can force any root fragments to shoot by watering the area for several days. The remaining roots and bayonets (young cane) must be then be pulled out.

Tools for effective bamboo removal:

a shovel, hatchet, ax, pick, strong maddox, and a long, strong pry bar are the most common tools used for removing bamboo. When we dig a large area of a giant timber species, we also use a carbide-tipped chain saw and a special heavy duty chopping bar. If you have access to such tools, they will save you time and effort and provide you with the most effective bamboo removal experience.

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