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Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo, Invasive Bamboo Specie

Black Bamboo is an non-invasive bamboo species belonging to the Phyllostachys family. Due to it’s unique color it is one of the most sought after species of bamboo in the world.


Initially, new black bamboo growths start out green and then the black bamboo turns black typically after one to three years.


Native to China, black bamboo is used for many things including musical instruments, lumber and food. For example, you can use black bamboo charcoal powder to make black bamboo charcoal bread. It is also widely renowned in the world of woodworking for it’s dark, rich color.

Growth Conditions:

Black Bamboo is mildly robust and can grow in a variety of different climates. The UDSA has rated that black bamboo can grow optimally in hardiness zones seven through ten. To find out where different hardiness zones are, visit the USDA hardiness zone map. This bamboo is generally not problematic as it is not considered an invasive specie of bamboo. The average height for this type of bamboo is usually twenty-five to thirty-five feet, although there has been an instance where it grew to over forty-five feet tall!


Black Bamboo Removal


Black bamboo is extremely easy to identify due to it’s rich, dark, black color.

Scientific Name:

Phyllostachys Nigra

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