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Bamboo Removal and Bamboo Removal Services

We offer professional bamboo removal services in residential and commercial locations across the North eastern United States. With our professional invasive bamboo removal, homeowners and businesses can prevent severe damage to driveways, pools, tennis courts, massive trees, and even building facades. If you avoid getting rid of bamboo, this invasive species of plant knows no boundaries and result in catastrophic destruction of your property and incur massive repair costs.


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Full bamboo removal service

Getting Rid of Bamboo

You will find many ways, discussed on the internet, for removing and eradicating bamboo. We assume you are not interested in a permanent part-time job of perpetually trying to control the rapid spread of bamboo. Several of the techniques for removing bamboo and their reliability are mentioned in this section.


Bamboo containment and preventative maintenance

Bamboo Containment

Because of its’ growth patterns, Clumping Bamboo generally does not need to be contained. However the focused, vertical energy of this invasive species can be quite destructive if bamboo containment is incorrectly done.


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We are the Northeast’s (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Long Island) premiere bamboo removal company and bamboo removal service. We completely remove and contain your bamboo, 100% organically, to ensure that it will not grow back and cause you more problems.

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Bamboo Education

What is Bamboo?

Other than a nightmare and a potential hazard to your property, bamboo is an incredible strong invasive species of plant. Bamboo is a tribe of perennial evergreen plants in the grass family Poaceae, in the subfamily Bambusoideae, and in the tribe Bambuseae.

Bamboo is known as a strong, flexible, woody grass (which flowers every 65+ years), and it has earned quite the reputation as the fastest growing member of the grass family.

While we tend to think of lush, soft turf when we think of grass, the characteristics of bamboo couldn’t be more different. Bamboo is used to make “hardwood” floors & furniture and very durable; so different than grass, which is a fibrous, bendable plant. Within the 91 genera of bamboo, there are over 1000 different species throughout the world, growing in a variety of climates, regions, and soils, so the answer to what is bamboo is a very complex one.


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So you think you have a bamboo problem. If so, then you are probably dealing with Running Bamboo, which spreads horizontally like a self-replicating virus, with a root and cane structure designed for demolition. Whether you have bamboo that is labelled an “invasive” species or not, you have a problem with bamboo propagation requiring complete bamboo removal service, or containment, or even both.

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