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Golden Bamboo

Golden Bamboo, Invasive Bamboo Specie

Golden Bamboo is one of the most common types of bamboo and is the most commonly found type of bamboo in the United States. Golden Bamboo is also classified as a running bamboo and therefore highly invasive. If your town has an ordinance against bamboo, chances are that Golden Bamboo was the reason that the ordinance was put into place.


Young Golden Bamboo often remains green and when exposed to sunlight will turn yellowish in the first two years of it’s life. As Golden Bamboo matures it will turn orange and golden, hence Golden Bamboo.

Fun Fact:

Golden Bamboo is used in many parts of the world to make pipes, it’s hardiness makes it one of the ideal bamboo species to use.


Golden Bamboo Removal

Growth Conditions:

Golden Bamboo is also a very robust species of bamboo and can grow in a variety of different climates. The UDSA has rated that golden bamboo can grow optimally in hardiness zones six through eleven. To find out where different hardiness zones are, visit the USDA hardiness zone map. You must watch the growth of this bamboo species because since it is classified as running bamboo, it can eventually be problematic if it is growing unconstrained on your property.


Since golden bamboo can vary in color, color is not the best way to identify the plant. Golden Bamboo can also grow to very tall heights or very short heights. In order to identify this bamboo species, you should look towards the base of the bamboo and you will find a tortoise shell like growth.

Scientific Name: Phyllostachys Aurea


Tortoise Shell Golden Bamboo Removal

If your golden bamboo is out of control, let us know and rest assured that professionals are handling your bamboo problem!