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Bamboo Removal Services

Bamboo Removal and Bamboo Removal Services

We offer professional bamboo removal services in residential and commercial locations across the North eastern United States. With our professional invasive bamboo removal, homeowners and businesses can prevent severe damage to driveways, pools, tennis courts, massive trees, and even building facades. If you avoid getting rid of bamboo, this invasive species of plant knows no boundaries and result in catastrophic destruction of your property and incur massive repair costs.

Premier Bamboo Removal Services in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Long Island

Bamboo Removal is the region’s most professional bamboo removal service; providing highly-competent removal of bamboo growth before it becomes a much larger issue. We provide relief for everything from small bamboo growth to bigger, more devastating bamboo removal projects.

Bamboo Removal Services

Don’t be “bamboo-zled”! Unwanted and unseen bamboo infestation is a silent, slow-motion storm with the roots growing 20 feet/year to over 100 feet away and the canes, during peak season, growing 3-5 feet in one day. Invasive bamboo is a force of nature that needs to be reckoned with. The full effects of its destructive aftermath on landscaping and infrastructure can be seen in the convergence of three areas: financial, emotional, and physical losses.

Consider John, a condo owner in the Northeast, who found himself smack in the center of this diagram. John unknowingly planted the wrong type of bamboo for a privacy screen. Within only a few years, the root structure expanded into his neighbors’ yards on both sides, growing right through decks, BBQ pits, walkways, and even wrapping around the root structure of 8”-12” trees, which eventually had to be removed.

John had no homeowner’s coverage for bamboo damage or bamboo removal, so he was liable for removal of his neighbors’ invasive bamboo and the cost of infrastructure repair. The removal process was also hampered by the fact it was impossible to get any big machinery in-between the condos to service the problem areas. In the end, he was $350,000 in the red and seeing a psychiatrist. These days, he would have been slapped with a hefty fine (some up to $1,000) on top of that for violating regulatory code.

To put things further in perspective, US forces in Vietnam used dynamite to clear running bamboo from future camps. Using any other method, the bamboo would have quickly re-emerged to lay waste to a well-structured camp in a strategically important position. With bamboo proliferation, who needs enemies?