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Full bamboo removal service

You will find many ways, discussed on the internet, for removing and eradicating bamboo. We assume you are not interested in a permanent part-time job of perpetually trying to control the rapid spread of bamboo. Several of the techniques for removing bamboo and their reliability are mentioned in this section.

Determining the type of Bamboo

1.Clumping Bamboo is not generally a threat to property and will not become overly invasive. Since clumping bamboo’s roots grow only a few inches a year, pruning the rhizomes | roots a few times a year is all the maintenance needed.

2.Running Bamboo on the other hand, when left to “run” amok or the removal is only superficial or partially completed, is truly invasive without proper containment measures being taken, the grove becomes “invasive”. Significant damage to surrounding landscaping and infrastructure compounds the ultimate cost of bamboo removal with additional costly repairs.

Bamboo Removal Concrete
Bamboo Inside Concrete

3.Unwanted Bamboo must be removed both above and especially below the ground – canes (culms) and the entire root (rhizomes) system must be removed, without a trace left behind.

Hiring an experienced Bamboo remover can save you time and money in the long run. An inexperienced remover won’t know the root system’s habits and the true scope of the job. You could be left facing the bamboo battle once again.

Bamboo Removal can mitigate the financial, emotional and physical impact of invasive bamboo removal by sharing the full scope of your problem with you right up front and develop a comprehensive removal strategy.

Solving it on your own

Solving your own immediate bamboo problem is not necessarily solving anything. It may only be delaying the inevitable – regrowth.

If your invasive bamboo has penetrated the neighbors’ yards or vice versa, you are now the victim of someone else’s invasive bamboo infestation which can come back to haunt and bite you. Chances are it will always be at the most inopportune moment. In this case, a total solution of complete bamboo removal service could require a consensus and pooling of resources in order to address the entire problem in a more permanent way.

Short of using dynamite, the eradication of prolific and invasive bamboo is an exact science, requiring a high-degree of knowledge, skill, and labor.

Professionally installed containment of the running bamboo with a barrier will help keep it confined, yet it involves an ongoing, routine maintenance of catching the roots that try to slip over the top lip of the barrier.

Bamboo Removal is your best choice when you need assistance with bamboo removal service, and depending upon the scope of your problem – your most cost-effective choice as well.

Eradicating Invasive Bamboo

Invasive bamboo removal can be expensive when the wrong company does it, especially when surrounding landscaping and infrastructure are involved. It has never been more important for you to get your approach to the problem right the first time!

Call us today for a free phone consult and to arrange for a Bamboo Removal Service Assessment addressing your unique concerns. It’s time to find out the dangers of invasive bamboo, what you need to consider about the scope of any successful removal project, and how to choose the most appropriate and effective providers and solutions.