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Bamboo Horror Stories

Are you Experiencing Bamboo Problems In New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, or Long Island?
We are a Premier Bamboo Removal Service company in NY, NJ, PA, CT, and Long Island. Check out this Connecticut Bamboo Horror Story — Read more about it here

Horror Story #1

We moved into this house 9 years ago. The garden had been landscaped by the previous owner’s brother-in-law, who is a Professional Landscape Gardener. One feature I liked was the pretty little clump of bamboo which ‘whispered’ gently in the breeze. 🙂 Each year it got a bit thicker and I, in my innocence, used to cut a few stems here & there to keep it in check……..MISTAKE! 🙁 I was only encouraging it to grow even more vigorously!!! The bamboo had recently begun to get out of hand and was beginning to take over the garden, boy did I have bamboo problems. When I went out to check how far it had reached I was flabbergasted. It had sent out rhizomes in all directions and they were about to invade our neighbor’s garden! I wanted to get rid of it, so looked up this site so I could get rid of my bamboo problems.

We had recently laid a gravel path, which included a weed suppressing membrane. The bamboo had pushed through this, as well as pushing through a decorative bridge made of railway sleepers (the rhizomes were growing through the actual wood of the sleepers as well as the gaps!!) One of the ‘creepers’ had begun to wander down the brick edging of the lawn. Our garden is 180 feet long, and the creeper had reached down almost half of it!! If I hadn’t read the info on this site today, God only knows how far it would have gone by next weekend. We declared war on it today, and have now dug up half the garden!! If we keep at it, we may win. If I could meet that Professional Landscape Gardener, I know what I’d say but it’s not printable here.

Bamboo Horror Story #2

My house is very close to the property line, which has a stockade fence along it. I have a 100+ year old Magnolia tree on my side of the fence, but it hangs over to the neighbor’s yard. We don’t get along, and in the past 2 years or more, she has purposely allowed bamboo to grow wild right on the other side of this fence. It’s choking/killing the Magnolia, which is as tall as my 3 story house, and it’s coming underneath the fence to my yard. I cannot believe she can get away with this. I lean over and chop all I can but it’s useless, I’m helpless, I need assistance with my bamboo problems.

Bamboo Horror Story #3

Our Attempt To Kill The Bamboo: My husband planted a couple of bamboo shoots in our yard a few years ago, and it started taking over the property, now we have our own set of bamboo problems. It headed for the creek across the street, which is why we knew we had to kill it. We tried cutting it down and dousing it with Round Up, but that didn’t work at all. We gave in and rented a Bob Cat last Saturday (not cheap), and spent 9 hours digging it up. We piled up as much as we could and are hoping it does not grow into the ground at the bottom of the pile. I was out tonight raking up any roots underground that the Bob Cat might have missed. There were plenty of them. I’m not convinced we’ll get it all, but I have my fingers crossed. Obviously, we’ll have to remain vigilant to ensure our bamboo problems are gone for good.

If you have your own bamboo horror story we would love to hear it! Submit your story here and maybe we will feature it on our website!